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Spirit is best measured when facing adversity. This is the quintessential definition of Parkour. It is only when your views are challenged or inconvenient that they are relevant. The past plays no part in your test of mettle. In training you can see this in the integrity of those who respect their bodies and their [...]

Sound mind in a sound body

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My higher understanding is Parkour, its exploration through movement is my adventurous new experience. If I must submit to peer pressure, let it be positive, let me surround myself with people who make me want to be better. A traceur is above boredom, they are always capable of finding new and creative challenges. A traceur [...]

never save any for the swim back

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I remember the first time Martin Heinrich came to New York, a couple years ago, he stayed with me for a couple weeks and we had some murderous training sessions. I remember waking up at 6 with X to go to work, getting home at 11, then the three of us longboarding six miles to [...]


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Success without risk is triumph without glory. I read these words last year while training at a jam near the mall in Stamford, Connecticut. They spoke to me. I don’t believe in taking unnecessary risks in training. That glory is ill-gotten. But then, how do we define what a necessary risk is? The same jump [...]